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Fatalist reviews the final first battle between the Anti-monitor & the Superheroes and the event that lead to the tragic death of the original Supergirl ...

Hmmm... She died well ... Now that the new Spectre is no longer the original Green Lantern to interfere with me, I can now finally test her as I had originally planned and see whether she caters to her anger once she recalls all the events that was suppressed by the Spectre.

The Fatalist pulls a fragment of the dying Supergirl from that time period and not only heals her but de-ages her back to the period in which she had originally meet the Supergirl that had been Linda Danvers, the former EarthAngel Supergirl.

He puts the now fully healed young supergirl in her original outfit down on a concrete pedestal and starts releasing all of the suppress memories from her and waits for her to wake up from her slumber.

"Ohhhhh... I feel soo tire ... WAIT! I should be dead? In fact, why do I feel anything?" -The Young Supergirl opens her eyes and sits up and looks at herself to see whether her uniform & her once battered, bruised & bleeding body is still in the same condition as she had recalled after getting blasted by the Anti-monitor.

"I'm ... I'm fully healed! Wait, this isn't my costume? In fact, this is my first all-blue costume?! And why do I feel ... smaller and younger?!"

" I see that you have fully awaken, Supergirl." -rumbles the Fatalist.

"HUH?! Who!? Who are you ... wait ... I remember you. You're that Fatalist guy that was with the Spectre that told me that I had to died to fulfull my fate! What's going on here and why am I here and soo ... young? "

" You recall that you had died at the hands of the Anti-Monitor? " -Young Kara nods yes and shudders abit at recalling the deathblast that had killed her- " And now you recall everything, Young Kara? Especially why you were brought in front of the other Supergirl, the Ms. Linda Danvers, that took your place, however momentarily, so that you could live, however short the timespan was for you at that time. "

"Yeess... I now remember. Why did you do that to me? And why was Linda force to punch me out in order to send me back? Was it all to protect the timeline so that what had happened, would have happened? "

" Yes... otherwise, the timeline would have unravel and all those that had survived and continue to live would have ceased to exist and your timeline would had died among you and the Anti-Monitor would have finally won, young Kara. I shall also give you the memory of why Linda did what she did and the sacrifice she had to pay in order to maintain that timeline, young Kara. "

The memory of what Linda Danvers did in her original timeline as Kara's replacement floods her mind. She sees Linda taking her place, doing everything that she had done in her timeline but only slightly differently by Linda. She also sees Clark & Linda falling in love. 'Kal-El & Linda?!' I always thought that Lois & Clark would eventually get marry. And Linda & Kal-El had gotten married and had a daughter?! Ariella? I ... I have a young cousin or relative by Linda's daughter! Incredible. Wait... the red skies ... Spectre coming by & talking with Linda...

Young Kara sees the dejected and defeated Linda fall to the ground and yielding to what the Spectre had demanded her to do in order to maintain the original timeline or watch their universe die by the hands of the Anti-Monitor. Kara recalls the fight that Linda and her had with the villian that had captured her and the punch to her jaw by Linda in order to force her to her destiny. 'Wow. That did hurt but I think Linda broke her knuckles on my jaw.' Kara rubs her jaw unconsciously in that returned memory.

"HEY!? What happened to Ariella? Where did she go? Why didn't she go back to her Mom, Linda, when she accomplished her deal with the Spectre?!"

"Because it wasn't meant to be. Ariella was an anomoly within the timeline. She wasn't meant to exist in that timeline. But with the deal that Linda and the Spectre did, Ariella would be allow to exist but far into the future so that Linda's timeline would continue as is."

"Waitaminute?! You sent Linda's daughter, a five year old child, into the future, with nobody to help her? How could you two do such a ..."

" We did no such thing. The Spectre did it in order to comply with Linda's one demand that her daughter must be saved or else she would have refused to otherwise. The Spectre sent her to the future and suppressed all memories of her five years of life that she was not meant to have in order to allow her free rein in the particular era. However, young Ariella somehow was able to travel back into time into this present and has been flying and causing mischief and mayhem in this timeline as she had done in the future. Such irony, no? young Kara??"

"That's not a valid excuse or reason to keep a mother or her daughter apart, you stinking bastard!? Why did ...! "

" Because I could. Now I have return you back to the living, to see whether you want to correct a 'received wrong' done by a deal by the Spectre. "

"What wrong? Ah... Ariella? That's whom you're referring to? And where is Linda in all of this. What happened to her, anyway? "

" She has had many adventures, trials and tribulations. She has finally concluded them and, again, ironically went to the Kent's apartment to retrieve her old uniform. Sentimental after all she went through after losing her daughter in the future and suffering even further in the present. She is presently wearing her uniform and flying back home. I give you an option or two, young Kara."

"What ... what sort of option? This ... this is all a game to you, huh, Fatalist?! Just a game?! You don't you give a damn for what you did to Linda and Ariella? What sort of ... " -cut off by the wave of Fatalist hand gesture.

" Spare me your morals and superior attitudes, young Kara. The option is simple... Vengeance or Salvation? Choose simply. As your memories of the past has been shown to you, so, too, have the veil of shadows been lifted so that young Ariella now remembers her Mom and is now looking frantically for her. She is now flying all over the country looking for her mom tho she does not know where to look."

Kara looks on in consternation as Fatalist shows Ariella flying from county to county, city, town and village looking for her mom, not knowing where she is or what she even looks like now. Kara glares at Fatalist while he smirks, further irking Kara.

"You bastard! I oughta ... " Kara lifts off from the concrete Pestadal and as she readies her fist to punch his smirking face, the Fatalist opens up a portal and she flies into it and she arrives back on Earth, just a few miles away from where young Ariella was flying about.

That bastard. He ... wait! There's Ariella. Oh, man. She's crying and distraught. I'd better get to her before she becomes even more emotional and cause an incident. And the HELL with the Fatalist. Screw him! -thought Kara as she flies toward Ariella to catch up with her.


"Hey! HEY, There! Wait UP!" -shouts Kara.

"Huh, who ... who's that calling up here?" -Ariella wonders as she stops her quest to find her mom.

"Ariella! Wait up, there. WAIT!" -yells Kara above Ariella as she finally catches up.

"Who ... who are you & how do you know my ... wait?! You're wearing a ... S-symbol uniform that ... that my Mom once drawn to ... <sobs> see if I like to wear." <Tears falls as Ariella finally recalls all the memories that was onced suppressed that now suddenly is released in a flood that overwhelms her very young senses.>

"There, there. Believe it or not, you and I are related by blood ... I'm sorta like your aunt or older cousin or something. I'm a cousin to your father and technically an in-law to your mom." -Young Kara holds Ariella' shoulder as surprise and some relief shones on her crestfallen face.

"My ... MOM <sobbing & grief apparent on Ariella's face as she continues to recall everything of her past> I ... I gotta find my mom. I can't find <sobs> find her. I don't know this place. Nothing here is what I had remember. Cities aren't in the right places, names, people.."

"Okay, okay, Ariella ... <Brings her closer to her and hugs her to smoothe the fears and confusion that she is going thru.> Don't worry. I remember this place. I think we just might find where you're mom is.. We're ... we're near the city of Leesburg. That's where you mom used to or still live, Ariella."

"Really? I never knew that?! I always thought the Fortress of Solititude was our home."

"Come on, We're gonna find her, okay. And you remember what she looks like, right, Ariella?"

"Yes, YES! Hey... what's your name, please? " -her manners returning as a sense of normalcy returns, however momentarily.

"Kara. Kara Zor-El. Believe it or not, your mom and I meet a long time ago. Don't worry, okay, Ariella? We'll continue to look for your mom, alright?"

"Yes, thank you, Kara." -Kara grabs Ariella's hand and gestures her to fly with her downward to the city of Leesburg. -Dear Rao, please let Linda be there, at her home. Even I don't know this world and all of its' people. I'm even more lost than Ariella but I mustn't show that to her. She's suffer too much already. Damn both the Spectre & that bastard Fatalist. Stupid Game.-

<Backyard of the Danvers yard>

"Well, I'm finally home. Traveled thousands of miles, fought evil, again, saved folks and then I went literally thur hell and back. What a stretch of years I've gone thru. At least my old uniform still fits. Don't need my blond wig since nobody's around and I'm just waiting for my parents to come back.
Kind of Clark & Lois, <Still hard to see Clark when my memories come back of my marriage to the original timeline Clark & our daughter Ariella.. Ariella, honey, how are you doing now in the future ... <sadness floods her emotions>

"Kind of them to keep my old uniform & then give it back to me. Nice of Lois to give me a hug. After I told them what had happened to me. It was a nice gesture on her part. Couldn't stay there too long, too much memories. Would've hurt too much. Still..."

Linda wanders around her home's backyard, remembering all the good and bad things that had happened to her, pulling her cape back into her blouse and she waits for her parents and young baby brother to come back from Sunday Services.

"This oughta give them a surprise. Haven't seen them since I saw my baby brother been held up by mom & dad at home. This should be ... heh? What's that above our home way up in the sky? Two ... persons ... flying?! Wait... One of them .. no both ... <tears starts to gleam as she sees in recognition ... Can't be... Kara? She's still soo young and who's that next to ... her?! Huh?! Ariella? " ARIELLA! " -Linda shouts in shock as they get closer...


"Look, Kara, down there! At the back of the house where you were pointing!! There's mom, MOM!" -shouts Ariella excitedly as they fly downward to the Danvers Household as she sees a woman in a white uniform and blue skirt, the same uniform that her mom always wear when she was very young child.

"Yes, it's Linda! You're MOM! Unbeliveable! Simply incredible... Ariella! Fly to Linda, Fly to Mom, NOW!"

"Moooommmieeee!!!" -She flies down as Kara releases her hand and Ariella rushes into the open arms gesture of Linda waiting ... <tears of shock & happiness upon her own face> waiting for her daughter that she never, ever expected to see, again in her lifetime.

'She looks, older, at least eight or nine but she's beautiful and she's here, HERE!' Linda mind screams joyously as she likewise grabs & hugs her beloved daughter Ariella, once lost and now found, into a loving embrace amongst tears and cries of joy.


They hug tightly to each other that seems to run for an eternity and yet was just a few minutes. Tears and muffled cries are heard as mother & daughter are finally reunited.

"Oh, Ariella, Ariella..."

"Mommie, mommmiee......."

Kara flies down as even her own emotions cascades over her and she, too, cries at such a joyous event. Take that, you bastards... I choose salvation. -Kara lands a few feet from the two hugging, kneeling and teary-eyed folks.

Linda finally calms down enough to recall that the person to the left of Ariella was Kara, the young Supergirl that she had meet soo long ago and was forced to send her back to meet her destiny.

Still hugging her daughter, she moves her head up and tries to find Kara whom started to walk towards them as she sees Linda slowly recoving her senses and looking for someone...

"Hi, Linda, remember me, huh? "

"Kara? Is .. is that really you? Oh, Kara, I'm ... I'm so sorry... I'm soo ..."

"Shhhh, Linda, it's all right now... It's a loong story, but I'm back, young and alive. I'm been given a second chance of life, Linda. I also found Ariella and we found you here. Everything is okay, Linda." Linda raise her hand to Kara's face and touch the spot where she had 'unched' her ... twinge of regret & sorrow in remembering that.

Kara touches Linda's hand tenderly and then puts her arms on Linda's and Ariella's shoulders in a friendly gesture.

After a moment as all the emotions of the event of founding slowly dissapates...

Kara, now young & alive and remembering the last event and the foremost question that she had asked Linda beforehance that she never had gotten an answer ... with her lips quivering and tears now even flowing down on Kara's face & as Linda shows her concern over the sudden change from happiness to distraught on her face ......

"Linda ... I ... I still have nowhere to go. I have no home, no friends, no relatives, nobody. Linda ... please ... Can't I stay ... ? "

"Oh, YES! Kara, you've brought back my daughter. You're alive, young and well. Damn right you're staying. You're staying with Me and Ariella! We're family now."

"Ohhhhhh, thank you, Linda. Well, Ariella. Looks like we're finally home... "


Fatalist - 'Hmmmm... bastard, indeed. She choosed salvation. Oh, well. Onward to the next experiment' - flickers the image away and turns to the next set of test upon an unwary entity.
The Fatalist from the Supergirl EarthAngel Series, Linda Danvers {Kent} decides a little game for the otl Supergirl that had died fighting the Anti-Monitor in the first battle...

The Fatalist wants to test her on whether what she would do with her newly recover'd self upon both Linda Danvers Kent and her young daughter Ariella Kent...

The Depiction would be from this title...
Mom Daughter: Reunion At Last : [link]
Episode :

The minor follow-ups were from these two...
Supergirls: Family Prequel : [link]
Episode :

Supergirls: A Family Portrait : [link]
Episode :
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Such a truly wonderfully plotted piece! :D
kclcmdr Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Thank you kindly...

A little something for a lady {Linda Danvers Kent} whom suffer soo much and lost even more ....
Zal-Ta-TalOs Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Has this been inspired by a real life event? :/
kclcmdr Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Ah, no...

Nothing in real-life as far as I know...

And nothing in the comic book continuity that's canon...

Especially for the Linda Danvers of the EarthAngel series..
Zal-Ta-TalOs Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Nothing in real life? Oh I'm truly relieved to hear that. :)
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